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The Ultimate Resource for Working at Home
This book has more than 1,000 actual company names/addresses nationwide that use home workers. Rated “Excellent,” by Parents & Good Housekeeping magazines. Categories include Arts, Crafts, Computers, Writing, Real Estate, Travel, Finance, Clerical, etc.


Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business
This comprehensive book includes information to start your own business, including licensing, bookkeeping, taxes, and extensive marketing information. $20

Beginner’s Guide to Advertising, Marketing, Networking & Publicity

This guide gives an in-depth look at the advertising and marketing methods available to small businesses, including information on writing press releases. $10

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

For article, poetry, short story, or novel submissions, this comprehensive book covers manuscript formats, queries, agents, copyright, proofreading, financing, etc. $20

Seven Simple Secrets to Financial Freedom

This book shows you how to get out of credit card debt, raise credit score, buy property with little down, pay off property in less time with less money, protect property from lawsuits, and make your money work for you! $20 


25 Ways to Buy RE w/Little or No Money Down

Gone are the days when all it took was a smile to buy real estate with no money down, but there are creative ways to finance your fist home or investment. $5

101 Home-Based Business Ideas

Many of the most popular and profitable home business ideas are here in an interesting and humorous format. $5

50 Franchises for Under $30,000

Names and info for all 50, plus the Top 10 franchises as well as the Top 10 reasons to buy a franchise. $5

Achieve Success w/a Typing/WP Business

Information about the top word processing markets, equipment, and more than 50 ways to market your services with your typing skills. $5

101 Ways to Make Money w/a Computer

Many of the most popular ways to make money with your computer skills. $5

350+ Small Business Financing Resources

This guide provides federal, state, and private business financing opportunities, including SBA loans and grants, plus a link to 1,000 more federal grant opportunities! $5

Make $Money$ Mystery Shopping

This guide includes information about the code of professional standards for this business as well as 25 legitimate mystery shopping companies to work for. $5

Save $Money$ with Extreme Couponing Resources

This guide provides information on how to sort, use, and find coupons for everything from food to auto repairs in newspapers and online resources. $5

Introduction to Notary Public

Provides a sneak peak at what a notary is, how much a notary can charge, and testing info for all 50 states. $5

Introduction to Medical Insurance Billing

A day-to-day look at medical insurance billing, clearinghouse information & software resources. $5

500+ Writer's Resources

This resource book includes writer's contests, grants, fellowships, centers, clubs, retreats, and organizations, and 1,000 more writer's conferences nationwide. $5

101 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Easy and interesting ways to profit with your writing, including pricing guidelines for freelance projects. $5

The 12 Rules for Writing a Query Letter

This provides the dos and don’ts of creating irresistible query letters and even has four query letter samples! $5

Self Publishing vs. Print on Demand (POD) Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Compares five publishing methods, includes 25 self publishing resources, & compares 50 POD publishers. $5

99 Ways to Market Your Book (or EBOOK)

This guide lists 99 ways to effectively market your book quickly or long-terms and provides specific resources. $5

Create Space: A Step-by-Step Publishing Tutorial

From title to finished product, this gives you 25 easy steps, along with ISBN information, and PDF tutorial.

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